X-Ray Repair 3rd Edition PDF Free Download


In the 20 years since the publication of the first edition, the field of radiology has advanced in ways that would have been difficult to predict. The most notable change relates to the way images are recorded and stored. Film and film processing, which had been used in the field since the very beginning, are becoming a thing of the past. Radiography has progressed dramatically to using digital technology, and that is the focus of this new edition. A goal of this text has always been to prepare the student who wishes to enter the x-ray servicing profession. This third edition has been completely rewritten and updated to focus on equipment currently in use and to address the latest in digital imaging. In addition, with new illustrations and a revised chapter order, the book is more approachable to students. The book includes chapters on the history and development of radiographic equipment; types of equipment found in the general radiographic room; fundamentals of radiography; safety practices in servicing; installation processes; preventive maintenance; image quality; troubleshooting and repair; theory, service, maintenance, and calibration of tomographic equipment; and the servicing, electronic calibrating, and troubleshooting of mammography units. In addition, there is expanded discussion on mobile x-ray units, paired with digital receptors, a growing trend in x-ray services. The book is further enhanced with many illustrations, including some new to this edition. The text continues to serve as a unique and timely universal manual for x-ray service and biomedical engineers and students as well as a helpful resource for radiologists.

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