Wolfpack Kodi Addon – How to Install Wolfpack on Kodi

The Wolfpack Kodi addon is yet another new video addon that offers “all-in-one” functionality.  Most video addons either link out to IPTV feeds or on-demand movies and shows.  But with this addon you get not only on-demand content, but also live TV and curated playlists.

Another thing that is impressive about Wolfpack is its huge list of content sources.  If you enable all of Wolfpack’s sources, it will search over 100 different sites and video lockers for streams each time you search for a title.  The more sources you enable, the more likely you are to find what you want to watch.

In order to learn more about Wolfpack, we dug in and took an in-depth look at Wolfpack’s feature set, source list and menus.  Read on to find out everything you need to know about Wolfpack, including where you need to go to download and install it.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It’s also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

How to install Wolfpack on Kodi

Here’s a guide for installing the Wolfpack addon for Kodi.

Step #1:  Download the Wolfpack repository

Download repository.wolfpack[VERSION].zip from http://wolf-pack.netai.net/repo/.  Then, open up your Kodi and click addons on the left side of the screen.  Next, click the box icon.

A screenshot of Kodi’s box icon.

From there, click install from zip file.  Finally, navigate to wherever you saved repository.wolfpack[VERSION].zip on your computer and open it up.

Installing the Wolfpack repository file

Step #2:  Install Wolfpack

After the repo is finished installing, click install from repository → wolfpack → video addons → wolfpack and then click install.

Wolfpack’s dedicated development team

All signs point to the fact that the makers of Wolfpack intend to stick around for the long haul.  Unlike many addon developers that design Kodi addons just for fun in their spare time, the makers of Wolfpack seem to be dedicated to maintaining the software that they create after they release it.

The newest member of the Wolfpack development team is Morepower.  Morepower is a Kodi veteran that has contributed to Navi-X and other classic Kodi addons.

A few weeks ago, Morepower released this statement via his Facebook page:




Active on social media

Though Wolfpack isn’t the most beginner friendly addon around, you can easily get help with it if you need help figuring it out.

Morepower currently has this tweet pinned to the top of his timeline:

The Wolfpack team is committed to helping their user base solve problems

The fact that the Wolfpack team is actively helping people fix issues and problems is a good sign that the Wolfpack will continue to improve.  Additionally, Morepower recently tweeted this in June after TVAddons was hit with a Dish Network lawsuit:

Some addons are shutting down, but the Wolfpack team will continue to support their software

The main menu

Popular video addons for Kodi like Specto and Exodus use the IMDb Internet Movie Database to form lists of video content.  However, as mentioned above the creators of Wolfpack have opted to design custom-made playlists instead.

Because the addon relies on custom lists of content, Wolfpack has a homemade, “indie” feel to it.  It also has a ton of curated video content lists to explore via the main menu. All of the sections are worth exploring at least once, but the More Power sub-section of Wolfpack is probably the most well-developed.

Wolfpack’s main menu consists of 12 sub-sections: Live TV, Search, More Power, Movies, TV Shows, Round the Clock TV, Documentaries, Kids’ Zone, Music, Standup Comedy and Wolves’ Den.

The Wolfpack addon has a simple text based menu

Wolfpack’s menus are fairly easy to navigate.  However, there are some sections that don’t seem to serve much of a purpose.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the more interesting Wolfpack submenus.

Wolfpack’s “More power” menu is awesome

As you might guess, the section of Wolfpack entitled “More power” is maintained by the developer of the same name.  It contains a ton of themed folders for browsing.  You can explore futuristic movies, superhero movies, movies from particular decades, box sets and more via this part of the addon.

A screenshot of the “More Power” folder on Wolfpack

Morepower routinely updates his playlists and posts updates to his Twitter account, @morepowerllc.  He also takes requests from his fans and helps them solve Kodi related problems.

Wolves’ Den

If you click “Wolves’ Den” from the main menu of Wolfpack, you’ll land in Beau’s section of the addon.  Beau is the creator of the Wolfpack addon.  He collects videos related to fishing, fitness, current events, world religions and wrestling.

The Wolves Den section is maintained by the lead Wolfpack developer

Even though Beau’s playlists aren’t as extensive as Morepower’s, they are worth checking out for ideas if you share the same interests and don’t know what to watch.

Live TV

TV streams are notoriously hit-and-miss, but all of the links we tested out via Wolfpack actually worked.  However, for some reason Wolfpack’s streams are not organized as well as its on-demand content.

All of Wolfpack’s streams are lumped together into one long list.  On other IPTV addons like Goodfellas, you can browse live TV links by country.


Wolfpack’s movies menu includes 4 subsections: Beau’s Picks, Moranable Movies, Specialist Movies and Box Sets.

Several different contributors have created movie menus for Wolfpack

The Beau’s Picks folder is by far the largest movies submenu.  It includes the following subfolders:

  • New Release Movies
  • HD Mega-List
  • Movie Collection
  • Random Movies
  • Kung Fu Theater
  • Christmas movies
  • Fright Flicks
  • One-Click VOD
  • 1080p VOD

The One-Click VOD (video on demand) section is interesting because all the movies listed there open up right away.  In other words, there’s no need to pull up a bunch of links and choose a source from the list.  It is nice to have the option to immediately jump into a movie instead of wading through long lists of sources, especially if you are short on time.

The Moranable Movies section of the movies main menu brings up another seemingly random collection of movie titles.  It’s most likely maintained by the YouTuber that goes by the name “Moranable Lector.”

If you want the creators of Wolfpack to link to specific content, you can submit a request to the team via Twitter.  Once the Wolfpack developers find a working link to what you want, they’ll place the link in the movies sub-section entitled “Specialist Movies.”


Wolfpack’s search feature works, but it doesn’t record your searches.  There is an option to clear your search history though, so maybe Wolfpack’s developers are planning to expand this section with additional capabilities later on down the line.

Live cams

The live cams section of Wolfpack is not only fun to browse– it’s also completely legal.  Via this section of the addon, you can check out various live camera feeds from around the world.

Via the live cam section of Wolfpack, you can see what is happening in zoos located all over the world

Many of the feeds you’ll find via Wolfpack open up live feeds of zoo cameras.  You can check out a hummingbird nest, watch baby pandas play with each other and even observe the Aurora Borealis.

TV Shows

Like most video addons, Wolfpack has separate sections for TV shows and movies.  TV show streams are divided into two top-level categories:

  • Beau’s shows
  • Specialist TV shows
Lead developer Beau and Wolfpack requestors have helped contribute links to video content

It is unclear what the theme of these sections is supposed to be, but there are some good shows contained in each section.

Round the clock TV

This odd part of the Wolfpack addon is a seemingly random collection of TV shows.  Some of the titles contain a short synopsis of the plot, but others do not.  If you click on one of the titles listed here, the first episode will automatically begin to play.


Wolfpack’s documentary section is particularly strong.  It has 16 different sub-folders, with names like Weather Documentaries, Prison Documentaries, Medical Documentaries and Animal Documentaries.

The Wolfpack addon has 16 different sub-folders for documentary films

Kids’ Zone

There are 4 different sub-folders under Kids’ Zone:

  1. Round the Clock Kids
  2. Beau’s Tot Spot
  3. Specialist Kids Central
  4. Beau’s Family Flix

Beau’s Tot Spot is oriented towards toddlers and younger children, whereas Beau’s Family Flix and Round the Clock Kids contain links to various family friendly movie titles. Specialist Kids Central is the place where the Wolfpack developers fulfill content requests received from Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.


Wolfpack’s music section is very similar to the music section of other Kodi addons.  It contains links to Top 40 albums, live concert videos and playlists filled with links to pop music singles and albums.  There’s also a karaoke section.

Standup Comedy

Wolfpack’s Standup Comedy list isn’t organized in any particular way.  It’s just a giant list of old and new standup comedy specials.  DVD art for each title appears on the left side of the screen when you hover over the text, but that’s all the information you get.  If you’re in the mood to laugh, either look for a comedian you already know or cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Wolfpack’s settings menu

Wolfpack has many of the advanced features found in Bubbles, however it is not as beginner friendly because there is no configuration wizard to guide you along the way.  You have to dig through the settings menu to find out where to enter in your login name and password if you want to connect to external streaming services via this addon.

To adjust which video lockers Wolfpack uses for content, look in the section entitled “URLresolvers.”

You can clear your cache or adjust Wolfpack’s sources via the settings menu

If you browse the sections depicted above, you’ll discover that Wolfpack has plenty of sources.  In fact, there are so many sources that the developers had to separate the source list into 6 different tabs.  Each tab contains links to about 25 different sources, so that means that Wolfpack links out to hundreds of different sites and video lockers.

Wolfpack can link out to well over 100 different sites and content lockers

If you want to speed up Wolfpack, you can turn off the sources you never use.  Each of the sources can be turned off or on via settings.

Final thoughts

Wolfpack is a solid addon overall.  Unlike many video addons that use the Internet Movie Database and other resources to organize content, the creators of Wolfpack have opted to go with human curated playlists instead.

Some sections of Wolfpack are deep and very well organized, but others are a bit thin. Hopefully, this addon will get better over time and its weaker sections will improve.

The More Power section of this addon is a good place to start exploring.  It’s obvious that a lot of thought and effort went into its creation.  The Documentaries section of Wolfpack is also quite good.

Unlike Goodfellas, Wolfpack has a deep settings menu.  You can activate or deactivate any of its sources if you find slow ones that are slowing down your searches.  However, there is no guide to walk you through how to configure Wolfpack.  You have to click around and find out how to adjust it yourself to get the most out of it.

Perhaps the best reason to add Wolfpack to your Kodi arsenal is the fact that its developers are committed to helping out their user base.  If you run into an error, you can reach out to the team for help.  Also if you can’t find a certain movie or TV show, you submit a request via social media.

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