Moaaz Past Papers
past papers vu Virtual University vu midterm past papers

Moaaz Past Papers | VU Midterm Past Papers|VU past papers midterm 2017

vu midterm past papers. Dear students as you know everyone needs guess papers or past papers for their better preparation in exam days.  But they didn’t find the right place for past papers. We are working for you day and night to collect and prepare past papers of every subject of the virtual university.

Moaaz Past Papers

Estimated Percentage

As you know I am also the student of Virtual University, according to my observation about 60% paper has come from the past papers. This is the great opportunity for you to get prepare for the exam through past papers and get good marks in your mid exam.


Subject Code(s)Papers Download LinkSubject name
CS 001Computer proficiency licenseDownload
CS 201 introduction to programmingDownload
CS 301Data StructuresDownload
Cs 302Digital Logic DesignDownload
CS 304object oriented programmingDownload
Cs 401Assembly LanguageDownload
CS 402Theory of AutomataDownload
CS 403Database Management SystemsDownload
CS 408Human Computer interactionDownload
CS 410visual programmingDownload
ACC 311 Fundamentals of Auditing And IntroductionDownload
Acc 501 Business FinanceDownload
CS 411visual programmingDownload
CS 501Advance Computer ArchitectureDownload
CS 504Software Engineering - iDownload
CS 506 Web Design And DevelopmentDownload
CS 507Information SystemsDownload
CS 601Data CommunicationDownload
CS 602Computer GraphicsDownload
CS 604Operating SystemsDownload
CS 605Software Engineering iiDownload
CS 606computer constructionDownload
CS 607Artificial intelligenceDownload
CS 609System ProgrammingDownload
CS 610Computer networkDownload
CS 614Data WarehousingDownload
CS 615 Software Project ManagementDownload
ECO 401Introduction To EconomicsDownload
ECO 403MacroeconomicsDownload
ECO406 Mathmatical EconomicsDownload
ENGL001English CompositionDownload
Eng201Business and Technical English WritingDownload
English 301Business CommunicationDownload
English 101 Reading ComprehensionDownload
FIN-623Taxation ManagementDownload
FIN-630Investment Analysis & Portfolio ManagementDownload
FIN-622Corporate FinanceDownload
FIN 621 Financial Statement AnalysisDownload
HRM-624Conflict ManagementDownload
HRM-627Human Resource DevelopmentDownload
HRM-611Human RelationsDownload
ISL-201Islamic StudiesDownload
MCM-101Introduction to Mass CommunicationDownload
MGMT-510Total Quality ManagementDownload
MCM-301Communication SkillsDownload
MGMT-625Change ManagementDownload
MGMT-627Project ManagementDownload
MGT-201 Financial ManagementDownload
MGT-211Introduction To BusinessDownload
MGT-301Principles of MarketingDownload
MGT-101Financial AccountingDownload
MGT-402Cost & Management AccountingDownload
MGT-411Money & BankingDownload
MGT-501Human Resource ManagementDownload
MGT-502Organizational BehaviorDownload
MGT-503Principles of ManagementDownload
MGT-510Total Quality ManagementDownload
MGT-601SME ManagementDownload
MGT-401Financial Accounting - II -Download
MGT-603Strategic ManagementDownload
MGT-61OBusiness EthicsDownload
MGT-611Business & Labor LawDownload
MGT-613Production / Operations ManagementDownload
MGT-111Introduction to public administrationDownload
MKT-501Marketing ManagementDownload
MTH-001Elementary MathematicsDownload
MTH-202Discrete MathematicsDownload
MTH-301Calculus IIDownload
MTH-302Business Mathematics & StatisticsDownload
MTH-401Differential EquationsDownload
MTH-101Calculus And Analytical GeometryDownload
MTH-601Operations ResearchDownload
MTH-501Linear AlgebraDownload
MTH-603Numerical AnalysisDownload
PHY-301Circuit TheoryDownload
PSY-101Introduction to PsychologyDownload
SOC-101Introduction to SociologyDownload
STA-301Statistics and ProbabilityDownload
STA-630Research MethodsDownload
Edu-402Curriculum DevelopmentDownload
Edu-301General Methods of TeachingDownload
Edu-406Critical thinking and reflective practiceDownload
Edu-601Philosophy of EducationDownload
PAK-201Pakistan StudiesDownload
CS 101Introduction to computing principlesDownload

Points to Remember

Dear students past papers are the source to get good marks but that is not enough for you. You have to read your handouts, powerpoint slides, assignment questions, and video lectures that are easily available for you in your VULMS, vu content library and YouTube channel of VU named as vu. Past Papers are just source of last night preparation that can help you to judge the subjective and the objective questions. This will increase your knowledge to attempt the paper and you can get the high percentage marks.

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