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Subject Code(s) Subject Name Download PDF Link

MGT-101 Financial Accounting Download
MGT-111 Introduction to Public Administration Download
MGT-201 MGT201 Financial Management Download
MGT-211 Introduction To Business Download
MGT-301 Principles of Marketing Download
MGT-401 Financial Accounting - II - Download
MGT-402 Cost & Management Accounting Download
MGT-411 Money & Banking Download
MGT-501 Human Resource Management Download
MGT-502 Organizational Behavior Download
MGT-503 Principles of Management Download
MGT-504 Organization Theory & Design Download
MGT-510 Total Quality Management Download
MGT-520 International Business Download
MGT-601 SME Management Download
MGT-602 Entrepreneurship Download
CS-001 Computer Proficiency License Download
CS-101 Introduction to Computing Dowwnload
CS-201 Introduction to Programming Download
CS-301 Data Structures Download
CS-302 Digital Logic Design Download
CS-304 Object Oriented Programming Download
CS-401 Computer Architecture & Assembly Language Download
CS-402 Theory of Automata Download
CS-403 Database Management Systems Download
CS-411 Visual Programming Download
CS-501 Advance Computer Architecture Download
CS-502 Fundamentals of Algorithms Download
CS-504 Software Engineering Download
CS-506 Web Design and Development Download
CS-507 Information Systems Download
CS-508 Modern Programming Languages Download
CS-601 Data Communication Download
CS-604 Operating System Download
CS-605 Software Engineering-II - Download
CS-606 Compiler Construction Download
CS-607 Artificial Intelligence Download
CS-609 System Programming - Download
CS-610 Computer Network Download
CS-614 Data Warehousing Download
CS-615 Software Project Management Download
PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology Download
PSY-401 Clinical Psychology Download
PSY-402 Experimental Psychology Download
PSY-403 Social Psychology Download
PSY-404 Abnormal Psychology Download
PSY-405 Personality Psychology Download
PSY-406 Educational Psychology Download
PSY-407 Human Factors Psychology Download
PSY-408 Health Psychology Download
PSY-409 Positive Psychology Download
PSY-502 History & Systems of Psychology Download
PSY-504 Social Psychology Download
PSY-505 Personality Theory - calendars Download
PSY-510 Research Methods and Statistics Download
PSY-511 Psychological Foundations of Teaching and Learning Download
PSY-512 Gender Issues In Psychology Download
PSY-513 Forensic Psychology Download
PSY-514 Consumer Psychology Download
PSY-515 Cross Cultural Psychology Download
PSY-610 Neurological Bases of Behavior Download
PSY-631 Psychological Testing & Measurements Download
PSY-632 Theory & Practice of Counseling Download
MTH-001 Elementary Mathematics Download
MTH-101 Calculus And Analytical Geometry Download
MTH-202 Discrete Mathematics Download
MTH-301 Calculus II Download
MTH-302 Business Mathematics & Statistics Download
MTH-401 Differential Equations Download
MTH-501 Linear Algebra Download
MTH-601 Operations Research Download
MCM-101 Introduction to Mass Communication Download
MCM-301 Communication Skills Download
MCM-304 Mass Media in Pakistan Download
MCM-310 Journalistic Writing Download
MCM-311 Reporting and Sub-Editing Download
MCM-401 Fundamentals of Public Relations Download
MCM-404 Mass Communication Download
MCM-601 Media Management Download
MCM-604 International Communication Download
MCM-610 Mass Communication Law & Ethics Download
MCM-411 Introduction to Broadcasting - Download
MCM-431 Development Communication Download
BNK-601 Banking Laws & Practices Download
BNK-604 Management of Financial Institutions Download
ECO-401 Introduction to economics Download
ECO-402 Microeconomics Download
ECO-403 Macroeconomics Download
ECO-404 Managerial Economics Download
ENG-001 Elementary English Download
ENG-101 English Comprehension Download
ENG-201 Business and Technical English Writing Download
ENG-301 Business Communication Download
ETH-201 Ethics Download
HRM-611 Human Relations Download
HRM-624 Conflict Management Download
HRM-628 Organizational Development Download
ISL-201 Islamic Studies Download
IT-430 E-Commerce Download
PAK-301 Pakistan Studies Download
PHY-101 Physics Download
PHY-301 Circuit Theory Download
PSC-201 International Relations Download
PSC-401 Public International Law Download
STA-301 Statistics and Probability Download

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