the textbook of spinal surgery 3rd edition

The Textbook of Spinal Surgery 3rd Edition PDF

The Textbook of Spinal Surgery 3rd Edition PDF


In this, the third edition of The Textbook of Spinal Surgery, we attempt to cover all important etiologies (deformity, degenerative, traumatic and neoplastic) of pediatric and adult spinal surgery, as well as all pathologies from the skull to the sacrum. It has now been 13 years since we published the second edition. In the rst edition we had 45 chapters and 60 contributors. In the second edition we had 130 chapters and 182 contributors. In this edition we have 156 chapters and 60 contributors. As in the rst two editions, we have a blend of orthopaedic and neurosurgical colleagues from all over the world contributing chapters. With this edition, we have more heavily peer-reviewed the chapters. Each chapter was reviewed by an associate and a senior editor before publication. Most chapters were returned to the author for revision before submitting to the publisher. Therein, we believe these chapters will impress you with their quality and excellence. Rather than bombard the reader with a 200-list bibliography, we decided to condense the reference list to a more manageable size. Therein, with each chapter we attempted to reference a small number of classic articles and otherwise the most current and pertinent ones. Since the second edition, spinal surgery has grown tremendously. More surgeons are specializing in spinal surgery and training with fellowships than was the case when the second edition was published. Neurosurgeons are also far more contributory to the eld than was the case many years ago. We feel this will be re ected in the current edition.

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