The Nurse Manager’s Survival Guide 4th Edition PDF

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    4th Edition
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    320 Pages
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    Tina M Marrelli,

The Nurse Manager’s Survival Guide 4th Edition pdf

Nurses are already nurse managers. They must manage patient caseloads and care plans as well as supervise aides, technicians, and other care providers. But moving from this type of organic management to a defined nurse manager role is not a natural progression. Nurse managers must command a vast, diverse, and robust skill set, and those skills must first be defined, explained, and operationalized for success. In an environment that offers new managers little support, where do they turn?

About the Author
Tina M. Marrelli, MSN, MA, RN, FAAN, is President of Marrelli & Associates, Inc., a publishing and consulting firm working in healthcare for more than 20 years. She is also Chief Clinical Officer for Innovative Caregiving Solutions, LLC, and for e-Caregiving. She is the author of a number of books, has been the editor of three peer-reviewed publications, and has served on multiple editorial boards

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