Textbook of Clinical Neuroanatomy by Vishram Singh

Textbook of Clinical Neuroanatomy by Vishram Singh

Publisher: Elsevier India
Sales Rank: 1257820
ISBN-13: 978B00NL75YB0

This book is primarily designed for undergraduate medical and dental students. Also, it is an authoritative reference source for postgraduates and practicing neurologists and neurosurgeons.

  • All chapters revised and updated, including
    • details on cranial nerves and their lesions, blood supply and cerebrovascular accidents, motor and sensory disorders.
    • new line diagrams, and real life photographs and MRI scans.
  • Simple, to-the-point, easy-to-understand exam-oriented text
  • Numerous, four coloured, large sized, and easy-to-draw diagrams
  • Text provides unique problem based clinical and functional perspective


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