temporal bone dissection guide 2nd edition pdf

Temporal Bone Dissection Guide 2nd Edition PDF

Temporal Bone Dissection Guide 2nd Edition PDF


With the second edition of this manual we intend to help you learn all the basic techniques of temporal bone surgery and to encourage practice in the steps needed to develop your surgical skills to their fullest potential. This is our attempt to provide training surgeons a unique and very visual work that is designed to guide them in performing challenging, but intriguing, procedures. A major difficulty with most surgical manuals is that the novice can feel bludgeoned with details that lack context. The text of a surgical manual needs to be translated into visual images in order to understand and apply it to a procedural technique. Also, primers can fail because they are so overwritten that the novice can feel hopelessly buried under an avalanche of information, much of which is only vaguely incidental to a firm grasp of the basics. This can confuse the issues and lead to frustration. Indeed, most surgeons learn how to operate in spite of the textbooks, rather than because of them. This highly graphic primer is a distillation of almost fifty years of otologic and neurotologic experience by the two primary authors and other contributors as learners, teachers, and practitioners. Each of us has been profoundly influenced by surgeons who have mastered temporal bone surgery and have mentored us in unique ways. This second edition continues to present our cumulative experience and wisdom, while also incorporating several new trends that pertain to surgery of the temporal bone. We have markedly expanded the description of techniques of infratemporal and extended middle fossa dissection, added a guide to endoscopic middle ear dissection, addressed skill transfer to the operating room (including management of vascular injuries), and listed novel, databased methods of assessing the progress of novice surgeons in temporal bone dissection.

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