Teaching Anatomy PDF

Teaching Anatomy PDF – A Practical Guide – 2015
Teaching Anatomy PDF – A Practical Guide – 2015

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Teaching Anatomy PDF
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The title of this book, “Teaching Anatomy: A Practical Guide,” deserves
some explanation. The word teaching has unfortunately become an unpopular
word in educational writing. It is often associated with passive learning
with the teacher playing the role of the “sage on the stage.” Knowledge is
seen as packages transferrable from the teacher to the students, whose role is
only to be receivers of the packages. But to us, teaching involves all activities
that a teacher does to help students learn. It involves being both a “sage on the
stage” and a “guide on the side.”

With the current trend toward a system-based approach to medical education,
a book that focuses on the teaching of anatomy may seem old fashioned.
After all, over the past few decades, anatomy has become increasingly
integrated into the wider curriculum and is less of an isolated subject.
However, this shift in the curriculum and educational philosophy has not
destroyed anatomy’s long history as a distinct discipline. Anatomy, especially
gross anatomy, still plays a unique role in many healthcare programs:
it has frequently become the only practical course that students will experience
in the early part of the medical curriculum. Students oftentimes learn
gross anatomy from possibly one of the most mystical teaching aids: their
fi rst “patients,” the cadavers. Cadaveric dissection provides a unique opportunity
for students to be introduced to issues of life, death, and suffering and
to learn the “soft” skills of medicine. Through working together in the dissection
laboratory, students learn skills like refl ection, teamwork, communication,
professionalism, and ethics, which are all important to their future
healthcare careers…

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