How to Survive in Anaesthesia 4th Edition PDF


How to Survive in Anaesthesia 4th Edition PDF – A Guide for Trainees


How to Survive in Anaesthesia 4th Edition PDF


  1. How to Survive in Anaesthesia 4th Edition PDF Free Download
  2. How to Survive in Anaesthesia 4th Edition PDF
  3. How to Survive in Anaesthesia 4th Edition Ebook


If you are a trained anaesthetist, you should not be reading this. If you have just
started anaesthesia, congratulations on your choice; you have joined themost
interesting specialty in medicine which contains some of the most intelligent,
well-adjusted consultants to be found in hospitals (we can think of at least
two). In your first few weeks of anaesthesia you will be given much advice,
some of whichmay even be good, and will be influenced by the current issues
affecting the specialty. It is easy to believe that audit, high dependency units,
acute pain teams, et cetera, are areas of essential knowledge for the newcomer.
They are not. They only become relevant when you are capable of conducting
a safe anaesthetic.We hope that this short book will help trainees in the first
year of anaesthesia by emphasising basic principles and key concepts. Full
explanations have been left for ‘proper’ textbooks.
We thank the many trainees who over the years have kept us entertained,
enthused, sometimes informed, occasionally frightened, andwhose ingenuity
in devising new mistakes never ceased to amaze.
We have updated the content for this edition and added one essential chapter.
We wish to thank readers for their helpful comments, and hope that our
ideal of assisting anaesthetic novices in providing safe anaesthetic skills and
practice is still achieved.
William Fawcett has generously agreed to assist with authorship of the
book and has provided the text with a new freshness. He has added some
case studies to the clinical sections and has contributed to the content of the
whole text…

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