Surgical Anatomy of the Face 2nd Edition PDF

Surgical Anatomy of the Face 2nd Edition PDF


  1. Surgical Anatomy of the Face 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
  2. Surgical Anatomy of the Face 2nd Edition PDF
  3. Surgical Anatomy of the Face 2nd Edition Ebook


Facial surgery has experienced unprecedented growth and advancement over the last decade. Our goal in writing this atlas is to present relevant facial anatomy from a surgical point of view. Too often anatomy books do not present structures as they would be seen in the operating room, and tend to lack perspective in the importance of relevant surgical details. Conversely, numerous publications that describe key anatomic points for a particular operative procedure frequently lack illustrative clarity and consistency. This second edition of Surgical Anatomy of the Face has been designed to consolidate this information in a concise and understandable manner. The subjects covered are selective and reflect the authors’ view of relative significance.

Our desire was to create aesthetically pleasing and accurate anatomic illustrations for those studying facial surgery. We chose to use color in a consistent fashion and to design innovative ways to
demonstrate complex relationships. Both clinical examples and cadaver dissections were used to supplement the illustrations and demonstrate key anatomic points. Finally, the illustrations, which depict a wide range of individuals, help to represent the wonderful diversity we see in our patients in the Pacific North-west…


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