Step-Up to Surgery 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Step-Up to Surgery 2nd Edition PDF

Step-Up to Surgery 2nd Edition PDF


Step-Up to Surgery evolved from our desire to provide medical students with a concise, easy-to-read, up-to-date overview of the key concepts of general surgery, applicable to students taking the third-year clerkship rotation. We wanted our book to be different from others currently available in the following ways:
1. Provide a core overview of not only general surgery topics but also key concepts in the surgical subspecialties.
2. Provide numerous “quick hits” to illustrate important points for licensure examinations.
3. Provide authentic, case-based questions to further illustrate concepts and allow students to apply them to typical patient presentations.
4. Provide many pictures, figures, and tables to further illustrate key concepts and allow for easy recall when students are questioned on rounds, in the operating room, and on written examinations.
5. Provide students with a full-length comprehensive simulated shelf-examination to serve as a study aid for end of rotation examinations.
To this end, we have recruited the authors from our department of surgery faculty and residents. These dedicated teachers are our front-line educators for our students and have provided didactic education to them.
Because of their location in rural West Virginia and three campuses throughout the state, it is our hope that Step-Up to Surgery will allow a standardization of general surgical clerkship education at all sites. We are hopeful that our readers will share the same enthusiasm for surgical education as we do.

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step up to surgery 2nd edition pdf
step up to surgery 2nd edition

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