srb’s surgical operations text & atlas pdf

SRB’s Surgical Operations Text & Atlas PDF

SRB's Surgical Operations Text & Atlas PDF


It was my long dream after writing SRB’s manual of surgery to pen in relations to operative technique in detail from simplest procedure to essential advanced major procedures needed to general surgeons and surgical postgraduates. I took nearly 4 years to make my dream near true in the form of SRB’s Surgical Operations. I have included umpteen numbers of illustrations and photographs. Basic principles and techniques of suturing and dissection also dealt with in detail. It will be useful to all categories of students and consultants to learn basic. Gastrointestinal surgery is discussed in detail with illustrations. Urology mainly open methods are discussed adequately if not extensively. Basic laparoscopy and usual laparoscopy surgeries are discussed with highlighting the robotic surgeries, liposuction and so on.

It differs from other operative surgery books by its unique presentations in detail with surgical anatomy and operative photographs of most of the procedures. I presume students and consultants will enjoy its reading. I am always grateful to Shri Jitendar P Vij for his support and encouragement towards me to bring out this book. Any comments and healthy criticisms are well accepted.

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