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SRB’s Clinical Methods in Surgery 2nd Edition PDF

SRB’s Clinical Methods in Surgery 2nd Edition PDF


SRB’s Clinical Methods in Surgery is the second edition of this highly illustrated, extensive guide to a broad range of surgical methods. This is an ideal book for medical students, focussing on various types of clinical examinations and covering many aspects of basic clinical surgery.

The book is comprised of 5 sections; examination in general surgery, abdominal and related conditions, specialised areas, trauma and clinical methods in orthopaedics. These sections are further divided into 40 chapters covering the examination of specific parts of the body, traumatic injuries, diseases and orthopaedic injuries.

The importance of history taking is emphasised along with techniques for interpreting clinical signs and symptoms in preparation for clinical and differential diagnosis. This second edition discusses common practice as well as newer innovations in clinical methods. Each chapter ends with a case relevant to the topic, presented with discussion on probable diagnosis, examination and investigations, to encourage a better understanding of each examination.

Enhanced by over 1600 full colour images and illustrations, this expanded second edition ofSRB’s Clinical Methods in Surgeryalso includes an interactive DVD, forming a complete and indispensable guide for postgraduate medical students, residents and fellows in surgery.

Key Points

  • Covers a broad range of clinical examinations in surgery
  • Each chapter features a clinical case with discussion on diagnosis, examination and investigation
  • 1607 full colour images and illustrations
  • Includes an interactive DVD
  • Fully revised edition
  • First edition published 2010
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