SAQs in Anatomy 3rd Edition PDF

SAQs in Anatomy 3rd Edition PDF

SAQs in Anatomy 3rd Edition PDF


SAQs in Anatomy 3rd Edition PDF


  1. SAQs in Anatomy 3rd Edition PDF ,
  2. SAQs in Anatomy 3rd Edition PDF ,
  3. SAQs in Anatomy 3rd Edition Ebook


In the second edition, about 300 new SAQs, especially clinically oriented have been added. A new chapter on SAQs in Radiology has been added. Short answer questions (SAQs) are objective type of questions which require answer in words or in shorter manner. SAQs are useful in measuring learning outcomes in the lower and middle level cognitive domain, i.e. knowledge comprehension, application and analysis. Therefore, in a medical curriculum where a student is required to be well aware of facts of life, disease and treatment, the SAQs can become a helpful tool to test their learning outcome.The SAQs included in this book, besides being asked in theory examination, are also most frequently asked in viva voce during practicals. In addition, answers to these SAQs will also help the students to answer MCQs on the same topic. Thus students will be doubly benefited.Though this book is essentially for under¬graduate students, it can be useful for the students preparing for postgraduate entrance examination.


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