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Robert Kuok is one of the most highly respected businessmen in Asia. But this legendary Overseas Chinese entrepreneur, commodities trader, hotelier and property mogul has maintained a low profile and seldom shed light in public on his business empire or personal life. That is, until now. In these memoirs, the 94-year-old Kuok tells the remarkable story of how, starting in British Colonial Malaya, he built a multi-industry, multinational business group. In reflecting back on 75 years of conducting business, he offers management insights, discusses strategies and lessons learned, and relates his principles, philosophy, and moral code. Kuok has lived through fascinating and often tumultuous times in Asia – from British colonialism to Japanese military occupation to post-colonial Southeast Asia and the dramatic rise of Asian economies, including, more recently, China. From his front-row seat and as an active participant, this keen, multi-cultural observer tells nearly a century of Asian history through his life and times. Readers interested in business, management, history, politics, culture and sociology will all enjoy Robert Kuok’s unique and remarkable story.

About the Author

Robert Kuok Hock Nien, is an author, a Malaysian business magnate and investor. According to Forbes, his net worth is estimated at $14.8 billion on March 2018, making him the richest person in Malaysia and sixth richest in Southeast Asia, As of May 2018, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Kuok has an estimated net worth of $19.9 billion, making him the 48th richest person in the world.

His business interests range from sugarcane plantations (Perlis Plantations Bhd), sugar refineries, flour milling, animal feed, oil, mining, finance, hotel (Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts), property, trading, freight and publishing. The biggest source of his wealth is his stake in Wilmar International, the world’s largest listed palm oil trader company.

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