Refractive Surgery A Color Synopsis

Refractive Surgery A Color Synopsis PDF



Refractive surgery has entered the mainstream of general ophthalmology,
with patients inquiring every day about their potential for the surgery or
questioning the results of previous procedures. Now you have at your fingertips
the first concise, easily accessible guide to modern refractive surgery,
covering all major surgical procedures and offering expert clinical
recommendations on when and how to use them. Written by highly experienced
specialists, the book is designed for all members of the refractive surgery
team, with the goal of turning to it for quick reference and confirmation of a
diagnosis in every examining room!

In comparison to large tomes, this book is designed in a handbook format for easy portability and use, a book you will turn
to for quick reference in any clinical setting. For convenient access to the
basic principles, surgical concepts, techniques, and complications of today’s
refractive surgery procedures, there is only one book available: order
Refractive Surgery: A Color Synopsis today!

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