Rapid Cardiac Care PDF

Rapid Cardiac Care PDF – 1st Edition

Rapid Cardiac Care PDF


Many cardiac conditions present suddenly, requiring a rapid response from healthcare practitioners. ‘Rapid Cardiac Care’ provides a concise text to guide the assessment and management of patients experiencing a variety of cardiac conditions. A systematic approach has been used to structure your assessment of the patient data and to prioritise management interventions. An overview of cardiac anatomy and physiology precedes sections on cardiac assessment, investigations, history taking, physical examination, symptom review and cardiac rhythm evaluation. The 12‐lead ECG is a pivotal investigation in the evaluation of many cardiac conditions and therefore a tool to guide rapid interpretation is also provided.

The care of patients with a range of cardiac conditions is presented in an A–Z format, which will direct the reader straight to the relevant sections. We would like to thank the team at Wiley for their assistance throughout the production of this book. Sincere thanks are extended to our families, for their constant support, patience and encouragement. We would especially like to acknowledge our fathers who influenced our lives immensely.

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