Practical Applications of Mechanical Ventilation PDF


Practical Applications of Mechanical Ventilation PDF


  1. Practical Applications of Mechanical Ventilation
  2. Practical Applications of Mechanical Ventilation Book
  3. Practical Applications of Mechanical Ventilation Ebook


Over the years, I have been involved in teaching which is my passion
and love. The idea of this book came to my mind when I started taking
regular lectures for my PG students and other practitioners. There were
constant complaints from my students that there was no basic text
available on ventilators which was clear, concise and easy to understand
and which gave an overview of the physiologic basis of ventilation and
ventilatory strategy for different diseases requiring intensive care.
The aim of this book is to meet these demands. It is an attempt to
fill the gap and supplement rather than replace the many excellent
textbooks already available, thereby allowing students to gain a foothold
in the understanding of intensive care units and ventilators. This book
is both, a theoretical as well as a practical guide for beginners. It aims
at answering all the questions that arise during the daily work of
postgraduate students in the daily routine of mechanical ventilation.
This book has been written keeping in mind mainly young resident
doctors of anaesthesiology, surgery and medicine confronting mechanical
ventilation in the intensive care unit for the first time.
For certain reasons no references are quoted in the book. Firstly,
it was never my objective to produce a reference source book. Secondly,
the book is intended to be useful in day-to-day practice and it has been
my experience that including references will make it difficult to achieve
a concise format.

The attempt has been to produce a clear and practical understanding
of ventilators and hence the book provides concise and accurate
information on the basics of respiratory physiology, its clinical
applications providing optimal knowledge in ventilatory strategy in
intensive care. The book comprises of 43 chapters grouped into six parts
to cover various aspects of ventilatory management. The aim of this
book is to augment clinical teaching and inspire a more detailed study.
The book has been written as a practical guide for the people working
in an intensive care unit and postgraduate students. I felt the need for
a detailed but simplified approach to cover the practical applications
of mechanical ventilation….


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