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Someone once said “What you resist persists”, because if you do not modify the actions with which you are not satisfied, you will get more of the same again and again.

Reaching our goals depends largely on the control we have over our nervous system.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques allow us to model the way we think and communicate with others. If you apply them to your life and your work in a consistent way, you will be able to enhance your positive beliefs about yourself and about the world around you.

• Transform your life! – with NLP you can open your mind to new possibilities.

• Neuro what…? – Lose the fear of jargon and change your behavior with your mind and the way you use language.

• Consciousness – understand why you do what you do, you are who you are, you think as you think and you give meaning to your life.

• Unconsciousness? – educate your unconscious and make your wishes come true with the techniques of neurolinguistic programming.

• Jump in the river – and find out how to quickly learn practical ideas for using NLP.

• Expand your circle – connect with different types of people.

• Get well – live and work more productively with others.

About the Author

Romilla Ready is an international best-selling author. She is also a trainer and speaker whose natural empathy with people from all walks of life gives her a unique understanding of their motivations and emotions.

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