Pharmacology: Prep Manual for Undergraduates 3rd Edition

Pharmacology: Prep Manual for Undergraduates

3rd Edition

Authors: Tara Shanbhag Smita Shenoy
eBook ISBN: 9788131242391
Paperback ISBN: 9788131242384
Imprint: Elsevier India
Published Date: 15th August 2015


The Prep Manual for Undergraduates now, more aptly named as Pharmacology for Medical Graduates, Third Edition includes significant expansion and revision of the existing Second Edition.

The style and presentation form has been maintained – simple diagrams, self-explanatory flow charts, tables and student friendly mnemonics. Some new topics like cognitive enhancers, CNS stimulants, Drugs for the treatment of Psoriasis and Acne vulgaris have been introduced. Definitions, treatment schedules as per WHO (for tuberculosis, leprosy, malaria, HIV), RNTCP (for TB) guidelines and classification of blood pressure as per JNC, 2003 guidelines have been included and we acknowledge the same. This extensively revised edition will be useful not only for the students of medicine but also for practicing doctors.

Key Features

Salient Features

  • Format based upon the pattern which is followed by the examiners in framing questions in the exams- both theory and Practical.
  • Updated content with addition of new drugs
  • Addition of new flowcharts, Figures and tables to facilitate quick learning and greater retention of knowledge
  • Specific description of drugs under short headings makes it easy to understand.
  • Easy to understand and point-wise presentation of information, useful for exam going UG students.
  • Supplementing text with simple diagrams, self-explanatory flow charts, tables and student friendly mnemonics.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Pharmacology

Chapter 2 Drugs Acting on Autonomic Nervous System

Chapter 3 Drugs Affecting Cardiovascular Function

Chapter 4 Renal Pharmacology

Chapter 5 Drugs Acting on Central Nervous System

Chapter 6 Autacoids and Respiratory System

Chapter 7 Drugs Used in the Treatment

of Gastrointestinal Diseases

Chapter 8 Drugs Acting on Blood and Blood-forming


Chapter 9 Endocrine Pharmacology

Chapter 10 Drugs Acting on Uterus

Chapter 11 Chemotherapy

Chapter 12 Miscellaneous Drugs


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15th August 2015
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Smita Shenoy

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