Oxford Textbook of Trauma and Orthopaedics 2nd Edition PDF


Oxford Textbook of Trauma and Orthopaedics 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

A common public assumption is that all medical treatment is beneficial. This [)Jgy be a marker of the success of modem medicine, but some of the major advances of the last 50 years ha€ been the ackn edgement that medical treatments cause ham, as well as benefit, and the de1.elopment of ways of quantifying the relati€ risks and benefits of treatments. The most recent manifestation of this trend is the current focus on patient safety–pre1.enting ha~ tients v,nthin the healthcare system. Another recent trend is an increased focus on the patieril as a consumer.

There has been a shift towards healthcare pro~sion structured around patient needs rather than si ply pro~air,g tfie healthcare that healthcare 1MJrkers think is best. There are costs and frustrations associated v,nth this approach, but advantages in patient satisfaction and flexibility of healthcare pro~sion. Healthcare el.OieS to sol€ patients’ problem§’fathei: than the other way round.

For patients to be actiely in1ed in their healthcare, they need to be informed consumers. Therefore part of the healthcare process is to educate the patient abbut the options available. Patients now ha€ ready access to plentiful infomiation, most of which is not peer re~ewed, and may be co1.ert adertising. This can result in health ‘wants’ being confused v,nth health ‘needs’. Surgical practice needs to 0011.e to meet these challenges. The problem v,nth structuring healthcare around patient demands is that healthcare, unlike buying a meal or holiday, does not usually result in an immediate objecti1.ely good or bad outcome. If you asked a doctor what treatment they would want

1rom a surgeon, they 1MJuld want a safe, experienced surgeon and anaesthetist operating in a good en~ronment v,nth motivated conscientious nursing staff. They MJUld be in a fairly good position to judge this.

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Hardcover: 1776 pages
2nd ed. edition (August 11, 2011)
Language: English

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