Oxford Handbook of Pain Management PDF

Oxford Handbook of Pain Management

Oxford Handbook of Pain Management PDF

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  2. Oxford Handbook of Pain Management PDF
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Pain remains an all too common feature of our lives and its alleviation
represents a ‘Grand’ challenge for healthcare practitioners. Although we
have limited diagnostic tools, imperfect treatment options and fl awed
structures for their delivery there is much that can be achieved through
multidisciplinary and holistic practices which can achieve the best outcomes
in the treatment of both acute and chronic pain. This book
stemmed from our mutual perception that too few people working in
healthcare were privy to the broad range of approaches that were useful
in the management of pain.
There will never be enough pain specialists and practitioners to meet
the needs of all the patients who suffer in this way, thus for this knowledge
to be effective it must be disseminated beyond ‘centres of excellence’
down to the shopfl oor. As we have noted, effective pain management
often requires a multidisciplinary approach yet the time spent learning
about pain in medical school and nursing, physiotherapy, and clinical
psychology training is limited and is often limited to a narrow perspective.
So it seemed appropriate that we should attempt to collect and share
current knowledge about the management of pain from a broad range
of viewpoints to support new clinicians, and other colleagues across the
We felt that to be most useful this information source needed to be
concise, to be quick and accessible, something that could sit in a pocket
or on a nearby shelf. It is intended to be a pointer to good practice, giving
key, immediate guidance. Practitioners have cannot hope to craft effective
management plans based on the avalanche of information pouring daily
through their letter boxes and in trays, rather they need distilled wisdom
from a range of sources. In an attempt to meet this need we conceived
the Oxford Handbook of Pain Management .

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