Osteoblasts 1st Edition PDF – Functions and Clinical Implications


Osteoblasts 1st Edition PDF – Functions and Clinical Implications


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Osteoblasts are highly specialized mesenchymal cells that are mainly responsible for the formation and maintenance of the skeletal architecture. They produce extracellular matrix proteins and are regulators of matrix mineralization during bone formation and remodeling. In this book, the authors discuss the morphology, functions and clinical implications of osteoblasts. Topics include osteoblasts under mechanical strain; mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) into osteoblasts for bone tissue engineering; osteoblast function and their role in skeletal bone diseases; bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP) and osteoblastogenesis inhibitors; the effect of molecular and biochemical differentiation agents on bone formation; and the evaluation of characteristics of osteoblasts and factors related to osteoblastic differentiation and mineralization. (Imprint: Nova Biomedical)


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