Orthodontics Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series PDF Free Download


The Mini Atlas in Orthodontics, is a small effort to
spread the knowledge of orthodontics. An atlas, with its
inherent concept of illustrations and photographs provides
a visual impact that is required to understand the various
clinical situations.
This atlas will not only be an aid for the clinicians but
shall also serve as a visual guide to educate the patients.
Such visual aids provide a reason for the patients to think
and at times correlate the photographs with their own
conditions—thus seeking treatment.
Basic knowledge is provided and has been further
simplified with the aid of photographs depicting individual
situations for easy understanding. Orthodontics is a vast
science today and the mini atlas is only a small, yet basic
part of this science.
No publication is produced just by the hard work and
labor of the author or the editor. This atlas has been
compiled because of my dear patients, who have been
gracious enough to tolerate my photographic skills and
my co-clinicians—Dr Abhay Lamba, Dr Rajesh Ahal,
Dr Vishal Singh and Dr Pankaj Dutta who have
contributed to produce not just great smiles for the
patients but picture perfect results which we are proud to
show-case here.
Dr Ankur Kaul and Dr Aditya Chhibber are not just
my colleagues in the department at the college but my
best critics. It is their untiring effort that motivates me to
gather more relevant and better quality photographs for
this atlas. Last but not the least—the members of the
Jaypee team keep any author on his / her toes in order
to produce results and I am no exception…

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