Nursing the Cardiac Patient PDF

Nursing the Cardiac Patient PDF

Nursing the Cardiac Patient PDF

Nursing the Cardiac Patient PDF

Nursing the Cardiac Patient
Author MSN, RN-BC, PCCN, Jillian Riske
File size 6.25 MB
Year 2017
Pages 62
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cardiovascular,Free Medical Books,Nursing
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Book Description:

Your patient is having chest pain. What do you do next?

Caring for this type of patient can be very scary. Trust us, we have been right where you are and we know the intimidation you might feel. Nursing assessment and care is a crucial piece of the overall puzzle that will determine the outcome of the patient.

This book guides you through caring for patients having a heart attack, cardiac cath, and bypass. You will learn about the anatomy of the heart, how to assess a patient having chest pain, and what orders to expect. You will read in depth about caring for cath and bypass patients pre- and post-operatively along with detailed explanations of each procedure.

This easy to read guide is for anyone new to caring for cardiac patients in the hospital setting. We have used our own nursing and teaching experience to help explain how to assess, treat, and prevent complications. Our hope is that you feel more confident while caring for and educating this patient population.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Anatomy and Physiology
The Coronary Arteries
The Anatomy of the Heart
The Electricity of the Heart
Cardiac Rhythms
Chapter 2: Assessment
Risk Factors
Symptoms of a Heart Attack
Cardiac Enzymes
Chapter 3: Initial Treatment
Your patient has developed chest pain. What do you do next?
The Next Phase of the Intervention
Chapter 4: Cardiac Cath
Precath Care and Orders
The Procedure
Postcath Care and Orders
Femoral Approach
Sheath Care
Sheath Removal
Radial Approach
Postcath Orders
Chapter 5: Non-STEMI and Unstable Angina
Chapter 6: Bypass
Preoperative Care and Orders
The Surgery
Postoperative Care and Orders
Chapter 7: Case Studies
Case Study 1, 2, 3,

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