Mutual Funds For Dummies 7th Edition PDF

Mutual Funds For Dummies 7th Edition PDF


Book Name : Mutual Funds For Dummies

 Edition : 7th Edition | | ISBN : 9781119215547

 Author Name : Eric Tyson;

 Category : Business

 Format / Pages : PDF – 336 Pages

Book Description

Mutual Funds For Dummies 7th Edition pdf

Position your portfolio for growth with one of America’s bestselling mutual fund books

Are you looking for a trusted resource to help you add mutual funds to your investment strategy? With straightforward advice and a plethora of specific, up-to-date mutual fund recommendations, personal finance expert Eric Tyson helps you avoid fund-investing pitfalls and maximize your chances of success.

Newly revised and updated, Mutual Funds For Dummies quickly and easily helps you pick the best funds, assemble and maintain your portfolio, and evaluate your funds’ performance. In no time, it gets you up and running on exchange-traded funds, tax laws affecting investments in funds, how to evaluate different fund-investing strategies, and much more.

 Plan and implement a successful investment strategy that includes mutual funds
 Avoid fund-investing pitfalls
 Find the best-managed funds that match your financial goals
 Select among mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and other investing options

Complemented with sample fund portfolios and updated forms that show you exactly how to accomplish your financial goals, this is your trusted resource for planning and implementing a successful investment strategy that includes mutual funds.


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