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MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs (Best of Five Questions) PDF Free Download|Google Drive link

The MRCP Part 2 Exam has been purely designed test the candidate’s knowledge regarding the practical application of basic medical sciences to clinical situations. The MRCP Part 2 exam consists of questions of different specialties and the number of questions asked in each specialty depends upon its overall importance in the exam. In this article, we are going to share with you MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs Questions (Best of Five Questions) as a free PDF download via a reliable Google Drive repository. We hope that our esteemed doctors reading this blog post would benefit from these MRCP Part 2 Best of Five Questions book. 🙂

The MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs is very popular among the doctors who aspire to take the MRCP Part 2 exam. MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs offers extensive coverage of all MRCP Part 2 specialties and its value is further enhanced by the inclusion of high-yield answer explanations. Each MRCP Part 2 BOF Question comes up with its own self-explanatory answers which add to the existing knowledge of the reader.




The MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs is a “must-have” for all doctors who are preparing for the exam! 🙂


MRCP Part 2 Exam, Number of Questions from Each Specialty

Below is the composition of MRCP Part 2 Exam. The number of questions have been mentioned as “per 100” format of the exam.

SpecialtyNumber of questions per 100
Endocrinology and metabolic medicine10
Haematology, Immunology5
Infectious diseases and genitourinary medicine10
Neurology, ophthalmology, Psychiatry10
Oncology and palliative medicine5
Renal medicine10
Respiratory medicine10
Therapeutics and toxicology10


MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs – Table of Contents

Here is the table of content divided in a chapter-wise fashion inside the MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs Book:

  • Chapter 1: Cardiology
  • Chapter 2: Dermatology
  • Chapter 3: Endocrinology
  • Chapter 4: Gastroenterology
  • Chapter 5: Haematology and Immunology
  • Chapter 6: Infectious diseases and genitourinary medicine
  • Chapter 7: Neurology, ophthalmology, and psychiatry
  • Chapter 8: Oncology and palliative medicine
  • Chapter 9: Renal medicine

Alright, that was all for an introduction and a brief discussion on MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs. Now before that we move on to the download, we would like to share with you our “most read” articles on the MRCP Part 2 Exam subject: 🙂


MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs Questions PDF Free Download

Here you will be able to download the MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs Questions in .pdf format for free. We have uploaded the MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs Book to the Google Drive so that you can have instant access to this book. We have tested this download and have found it to be completely safe and working. 🙂

Below is the link which you may use to access the MRCP Part 2 450 BOFs PDF free download.


Google Drive link


Good luck everyone! 🙂



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