Moore Clinically Oriented Anatomy pdf download and Review

Moore Clinically Oriented Anatomy pdf download and Review

Moore Clinically Oriented Anatomy pdf download and Review

Moore Clinically Oriented Anatomy pdf by Keith L. Moore is the best top selling worldwide book of Clinical Anatomy. It is one of the best book for anatomy as it gives more detail concepts than many others books. Moore Clinically Oriented Anatomy is advised by many anatomists due to its details and more accurate concepts about Anatomy. For brief detail, snell is the best book, but if someone wants to study anatomy in more detail, then Moore Clinically Oriented Anatomy is the best option.

Moore Clinically Oriented Anatomy pdf:

This book is available in both pdf and hard copy. You can buy this book at student special discount rate from the link given at the end.Moore Clinically Oriented Anatomy pdf

About Author:

The author of this book is Keith L. Moore. Dr. Moore has been the recipient of many awards and recognition. He has received many awards for his excellence in human anatomy educations at medical, dental, graduate and undergraduate levels. He also worked with the Embryology Committee of King Abdulaziz University.

Features Of the Book:

    • This book has a seventh edition which has been thoroughly reviewed by students, anatomists, and clinicians for accuracy and relevance and revised with significant new changes and updates.
  • This book has High-quality graphics which helps in understanding the topic easily.
  • Clinical correlations also known as “blue boxes”  has been given supported by photographs and dynamic color illustrations to help with understanding the practical value of anatomy.
  • Bottom line summaries are there which summarize the preceeding information.
  • Anatomy is being disscuss in a practical and functional context.
  • Surface anatomy are there at the end of each chapter.
  • Case studies, accompanied by clinico-anatomical problems and board review-style multiple-choice questions has also been given.
  • Anatomy terminologies have also been given the book, and all terminologies have been replaced with newly approved terms.
  • This book also has a Surface anatomy with diaghrams.

Chapters of Moore clinically oriented anatomy:

There are ten chapters of this book which are.

  1. The introduction of human anatomy (General Anatomy).Moore Clinically Oriented Anatomy pdf
  2. Thorax
  3. Abdomen
  4. Pelvis and Perineum
  5. Back
  6. Lower limb
  7. Upper limb
  8. Head
  9. Neck
  10. Cranial nerves

Moore Clinically Oriented Anatomy pdf:

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