Medicine Recall 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Medicine Recall 4th Edition PDF

Medicine Recall 4th Edition PDF


This is now the fourth edition of Medicine Recall. This series now contains Medicine Recall and Advanced Medicine Recall. This series was inspired and based on the format of Surgical Recall. Our challenge in the fourth edition was to update the book to keep pace with the ever-changing field of medicine and to once again be responsive to the valuable feedback by the readers and reviewers. In addition to the update, the goal was for this book to remain portable and therefore, hopefully, useful to the third- and fourth-year medical students. The author teams for this edition of Medicine Recall were again, in most cases, a medical student, a resident and/or fellow, and an attending for each subspecialty with the idea of framing questions as those posed on rounds. All the sections have been updated and there were continued efforts to shorten the questions and answers as possible. Most sections have been updated with a landmark trial section, again the type discussed on rounds, and new ECGs have been added.

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