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Great book! I really like how the scenes are illustrated to help communicate the idea and purpose of each shot. The only thing I dislike is the shape. Odd, I know. But it doesn’t compliment a book shelf to have this thing sticking out past the shelves. That aside, the contents within more than make up for an elongated shape. The author explains the emotion and direction of the shot without shoving it down your throat. Quick, easy, and organized if you want to go back and find “that one shot”.

About the book master shots volume 2 pdf free download
Dialogue scenes are the most important moments in your film, but most directors get them wrong.

If you block your scenes well, you do more than capture the basic scene; you echo the meaning, emotion, and drama of every moment. That is never more important than with dialogue.

Whatever your budget, there is an exciting way to capture dialogue.

It is a tragedy that so many directors are happy to open a scene with a moving master shot, and then just settle into dull coverage for the dialogue. You can do better than that and Master Shots Vol 2 gives you 100 ways to shoot dynamic dialogue.

About the Author
Christopher Kenworthy worked as a writer, director, and producer for fourteen years. He directed a feature film that played to sold-out screenings in Australia and received strong reviews. He worked on music videos, visual effects tutorials and commercial projects, and is the author of the best-selling Master Shots Vol 1 and Master Shots Vol 2, along with two novels and many short stories, and other film-making books.

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