Manipal Manual Of Surgery 4th Edition PDF Free Download

Surgery is a subject in Fourth year of MBBS that deals with Surgical procedures and related medical science & Manipal Manual of Surgery, written by K. Rajgopal Shenoy, is widely used and recommended, best book used to study Surgery by Medical students. In this post, we are going to provide Manipal Manual of Surgery Latest Edition PDF Free Download through Google Drive Links.

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Manipal Manual of Surgery PDF Book

The Manipal Manual of Surgery book has 4 basic units with an additional Viva Voce unit at the very end. These 5 units cover 53 chapters in total over 675 pages. The five units are:

Unit I: General Surgery: 21 Chapters

UNIT II: Gastrointestinal Surgery: 16 Chapters

Unit I: Urology: 6 Chapters

UNIT II: Specialties: 6 Chapters

Unit I: Viva Voce Examination in Surgery: 4 Chapters

About Author

K Rajgopal Shenoy


Manipal Manual of Surgery is recommended book by most universities for Undergraduate students, and MBBS Students widely use this book to study Surgery during their final semesters in Fourth Year. It is the best textbook in competition with SRB, while for clinical, S Das remains perfect. Book starts with Student’s opinion, then following Foreword, Contributors and Preface. Indeed Manipal Surgery has perfect standards, especially if you are preparing for NEET or PG Exams after MBBS. The book has over 675 pages with 53 chapters in total under 5 units.

The book also features a separate section called- “Viva Voce Examination in Surgery” which is super helpful to students to have an idea about viva during practical exams after theory ones. The X-rays, Instruments, Specimens are very useful to get an idea of what is coming. Operative surgery is simultaneously helpful.

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Suggestions to those who are looking forward to establishing a clinical understanding in Surgery are as follows:

  1. Read up everything, even if you are not in a mood to mug up. It will clear out some concepts and some things are bound to stay in your long term memory.
  2. Try to co-relate the anatomical features as you see them with the diagrams in the book. It’s easy to get confused with the beautiful diagrams and the real time anatomy of a patient.
  3. Make up a habit of co-relating everything and you will find the book is almost everything you already know.
  4. Attend every OT (Operating theater) calls that you can get in. Watch out for surgeries that happen and study them in detail. Continue an interaction with the patient after surgery to learn more about post-op care.
  5. If you need help, following are some posts that can greatly help you understand clinical medicine. They have been made short but explained to the level of a medical student.

Manipal Surgery PDF Book Download

You can download the Manipal Surgery Book by Google Drive Links given below. If the link is not working, do let us know using the comments section, we will readily update it. If you are unable to locate the links, please refresh the page.




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