Lippincott’s Guide To Infectious Diseases PDF Free Download

Lippincott’s Guide To Infectious Diseases PDF Free Download

E-BOOK DESCRIPTIONCompliant with CDC and WHO guidelines, this new A-to-Z reference provides an overview of 160 infectious diseases, from the common cold and otitis media to MRSA and other newer threats, including Bartonella quintana . Presented in a highly visual format, each disease is showcased in a two-page spread, formatted with consistent headings to make locating critical information easy.

  • Headings include:
  • Causes
  • Complications
  • Assessment Findings
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Treatment
  • Nursing Considerations
  • Patient Teaching

The Safety, Alert, and Prevention icons draw attention to critical information, and special headings identify diseases with transmission-based precautions, which are discussed further under Nursing Considerations.

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