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Medical Embryology is the study of the human development. And for those who do not know, Langman’s Medical Embryology is the most famous book in the world when it comes to the subject of medical embryology. The study of human development is really complex and exhausting given the amount of detail the medical students have to absorb. From the molecular basis of cardiac development to assuming its final gross anatomical structure — this entire process is a true marvel of mother nature.

It is beautiful and awe-inspiring. But learning everything in detail can be a stressful and daunting task because everything that you will have to learn is in the form of a step-by-step process (i.e folding & unfolding etc, most of the time :D) which is really hard to memorize.

Thanks to the Langman’s Medical Embryology, this book (to some extent), makes learning medical embryology easy and productive. It offers the medical students, nursing undergraduates, and healthcare professionals a very comprehensive text on embryology with a strong clinical emphasis.

Today, in this article, we are going to share with you Langman’s Medical Embryology 13th Edition PDF for free downloading. We hope you will find this latest edition helpful in your studies.

Langman’s Medical Embryology 14th Edition PDF offers its readers a high-yield and concise text which is praised worldwide primarily because of the high-yield summaries, clinical correlation boxes, bulleted points & tabulations, high-definition clinical images and illustrations and much more. You will find the said features really helpful especially when you will be preparing for a medical school exam.

Features Langman’s Medical Embryology PDF

Below is a quick overview of the important features of Langman’s Medical Embryology 13th Edition PDF:

  • Internationally recognized as the best-selling book on human embryology.
  • It offers extensive coverage of all important areas of human development (organ-wise), their clinical aspects and congenital anomalies.
  • It covers all birth defects, syndromes (Down’s Syndrome, Klinefelter’s Syndrome, etc) and the basis of all these abnormalities.
  • 600+ high-definition and full-color illustrations that depict the whole story of human development.
  • The latest 13th edition of Langman’s Medical Embryology PDF offers new and revised text based on the latest researches and discoveries made in the field of medical embryology.
  • Authored by leading subject experts, professors and clinicians — meaning that you get the most trusted and reliable text.

Table of Contents

The table of contents in Langman’s Medical Embryology 14th Edition PDF has been divided into two major parts as seen below:

PART 1: General Embryology

  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Molecular Regulation and SIgnaling
  • CHAPTER 2: Gametogenesis: Conversión of Germ Cells Into Male and Female Gametes
  • CHAPTER 3: First Week of Development; Ovulatíon to Implantation
  • CHAPTER 4: Second Week of Development; BllaminarGerm DIsc
  • CHAPTER 5: Third Week of Development: Trilaminar Germ Disc
  • CHAPTER 6: Third to EIghth Weeks: The Embryonic Period
  • CHAPTER 7: The Gut Tube and the Body Cavities
  • CHAPTER 8: Third Month to BIrth: The Fetus and Placenta
  • CHAPTER 9: Birth Defects and Prenatal Diagnosis

PART 2: Systems-Based Embryology

  • CHAPTER 9: Birth Defects and Prenatal Diagnosis
  • CHAPTER 11: Muscular System
  • CHAPTER 12: Limbs
  • CHAPTER 13: Cardiovascular System
  • CHAPTER 14: Respiratory System
  • CHAPTER 15: Digestive System
  • CHAPTER 16: Urogenital System
  • CHAPTER 17: Head and Neck
  • CHAPTER 18: Central Nervous System
  • CHAPTER 19: Ear
  • CHAPTER 20: Eye
  • CHAPTER 21: Integumentary System

Langman’s Medical Embryology 14th Edition PDF Free Download

Please use the download link mentioned below to access the Langman’s Medical Embryology 14th Edition PDF right now:

Langman’s Medical Embryology (12th Ed.).pdf

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