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 Book Name : Programming Interviews Exposed

 Edition : 4th Edition | | ISBN : 978-1119418474

 Author Name : John Mongan; Noah Suojanen Kindler;Eric Giguere; John Mongan; Noah Suojanen Kindler; Eric Giguere;

 Category : Programming & IT

 Format / Pages : PDF – 384 Pages

Book Description

Programming Interviews Exposed 4th Edition pdf

Ace technical interviews with smart preparation

Programming Interviews Exposed is the programmer’s ideal first choice for technical interview preparation. Updated to reflect changing techniques and trends, this new fourth edition provides insider guidance on the unique interview process that today’s programmers face. Online coding contests are being used to screen candidate pools of thousands, take-home projects have become commonplace, and employers are even evaluating a candidate’s public code repositories at GitHub—and with competition becoming increasingly fierce, programmers need to shape themselves into the ideal candidate well in advance of the interview. This book doesn’t just give you a collection of questions and answers, it walks you through the process of coming up with the solution so you learn the skills and techniques to shine on whatever problems you’re given.

This edition combines a thoroughly revised basis in classic questions involving fundamental data structures and algorithms with problems and step-by-step procedures for new topics including probability, data science, statistics, and machine learning which will help you fully prepare for whatever comes your way.

  • Learn what the interviewer needs to hear to move you forward in the process
  • Adopt an effective approach to phone screens with non-technical recruiters
  • Examine common interview problems and tests with expert explanations
  • Be ready to demonstrate your skills verbally, in contests, on GitHub, and more

Technical jobs require the skillset, but you won’t get hired unless you are able to effectively and efficiently demonstrate that skillset under pressure, in competition with hundreds of others with the same background. Programming Interviews Exposed teaches you the interview skills you need to stand out as the best applicant to help you get the job you want.

 Programming Interviews Exposed Pdf

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Programming Interviews Exposed 4th Edition Pdf

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