iPhone SE Manual PDF


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ABOUT THE BOOK iPhone SE Manual PDF free download

All issues raised has been addressed and updated. Thank You

You made the right choice purchasing the iPhone SE

This is a detailed and comprehensive user guide to help you not just start up but master your new device.This guide will expose you to a whole lot of amazing features of this device. Your fears will be laid to rest completely thanks to this guide.This book is clearly written with simple terms using a step by step approach which will enable you understand your device in no time.This book covers:•Apps management•OS Upgrade•Device setup•Pictures and video editing•Setting up apple ID•Tips and tricks•Troubleshooting•And so much more

Table of Contents

  • Welcome
  • Pages basics
  • Add text
  • Format text
  • Align and space text
  • Format documents
  • Add images, shapes and media
  • Position and style objects
  • Add tables
    • Create and style tables
    • Add and organise table data
  • Add charts
  • Use writing and editing tools
  • Share and collaborate
  • Manage and organise documents
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Copyright

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