Interceptive Orthodontics PDF


Identify problems and introduce solutions early for an idealaesthetic result

Interceptive Orthodontic saims to guide the practitionerin the art of interceptive management of the developing dentition.The goal is to guide the permanent dentition into the line of thedental arches, avoiding complex orthodontic treatment for teethdisplaced far from their ideal position, and thereby reducingorthodontic treatment time.  This book covers growth of thejaws and tooth development, and explains the correct timing ofinterceptive management. It also discusses orthodontic assessment,special investigations and comprehensive management of the mixeddentition, taking in the issues of early crowding, impaction,supernumerary and supplemental teeth, dental arch expansion, spacemaintenance and space management. In line with best availableevidence, it provides clear treatment objectives and detailedtreatment planning advice.

Practical, accessible and illustrated with a wealth of colourimages, this is an ideal clinical companion for general dentalpractitioners, oral surgeons, paediatric dentists andorthodontists. It is also a valuable reference for all traininggrades.

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