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This pioneering work is based on a simple premise with profound implications- All organization and management theories are based on images, or metaphors, with paradoxical effects- they can create profound insights but also great distortions. With this seminal work, Gareth Morgan shows how managers can broaden and deepen their understanding of organization and organizational problems, and use powerful new metaphors to shape new ways of working.
The first book to offer a concrete method for integrating the strengths and overcoming the weaknesses of competing management perspectives, Images of Organization has established itself as a classic and has influenced management thinking throughout the world. This new edition retains all the vitality of the original and has been updated to integrate significant research of the last decade. It has also been abridged and revised to increase its accessibility and usefulness for today’s managers. This essential volume provides the kind of organizational “radar” system managers need to negotiate the demands of the 21st century.

Organizations As Systems of Political Activity 152
Strengths and Limitations of the Political Metaphor 174
Exploring Platos Cave Organizations As Psychic Prisons 181
The Trap of Favored Ways of Thinking 183
Organization and the Unconscious 186
Strengths and Limitations of the Psychic Prison Metaphor 206
Unfolding Logics of Change Organization As Flux and Transformation 213
Four Logics of Change 214
The Logic of SelfReference 215
The Logic of Chaos and Complexity 222
The Logic of Mutual Causality 234
The Logic of Dialectical Change 242
Strengths and Limitations of the Flux and Transformation Metaphor 254
The Ugly Face Organizations As Instruments of Domination 259
Organization as Domination 261
How Organizations Use and Exploit Their Employees 264
Multinationals and the World Economy 282
Strengths and Limitations of the Domination Metaphor 291
Implications for Practice 295
Reading and Shaping Organizational Life 297
Reading and Emergent Intelligence 314
Using Metaphor to Manage in a Turbulent World 317
Excerpt from Imaginization New Mindsets for Seeing Organizing and Managing 321
Bibliography 327
Index 332
About the Author 348

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