Image-Guided Surgery

Image-Guided Surgery PDF : Fundamentals and Clinical Applications in Otolaryngology

Image-Guided Surgery PDF

Image-guided surgery (IGS) is the term used for surgical procedures in which the surgeon employs tracked surgical instruments with preoperative or intraoperative images in order to navigate during the procedure. It is part of the wider field of computer-assisted surgery. In the field of otolaryngology, IGS is primarily used by rhinologists during sinus surgery and by skull-base surgeons often in conjunction with neurosurgeons. While widely utilized, surgeons’ understanding of the technology is often inadequate to appreciate its strengths and weaknesses.
Image-Guided Surgery: Fundamentals and Clinical Applications in Otolaryngology was written to overcome this knowledge gap to educate practicing surgeons as well as provide an introduction to the field for engineers. Coauthored by a practicing otolaryngologist with a doctorate in bioengineering and a computer scientist with a doctorate in physics whose career has focused on error analysis in IGS, the book includes chapters on history, CT and MRI, tracking, registration, error analysis, evidence-based practices, FDA-cleared IGS systems, and future applications, as well as more than 90 full-color figures.
The book also comes with a complimentary access to a PluralPlus companion website with videos and animations.
Chapter 1. Brief History of Image-Guided Surgery
Chapter 2. CT and MRI
Chapter 3. Tracking Systems
Chapter 4. Registration
Chapter 5. Error Analysis
Chapter 6. Best Practices for Use of IGS
Chapter 7. Surgical Systems
Chapter 8. What Does the Future Hold?

NOTE:This book comes with supplementary content on a PluralPlus companion website. If you purchase or rent a used copy of the printed book, the code to access the website printed inside the book may have been previously redeemed/used or be incorrect and you will not be able to use it. To guarantee access to the website, it is recommended you purchase a new copy of this book directly from Amazon or the publisher, Plural Publishing.

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