High Yield Pharmacology 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

High Yield Pharmacology 3rd Edition PDF

High Yield Pharmacology 3rd Edition PDF


The discipline of pharmacology encompasses both how drugs affect the body (pharmacodynamics), as well as how the body affects drugs (pharmacokinetics). Because it is such an interdisciplinary field, pharmacology necessarily is built upon a foundation consisting of nearly every other basic science discipline that is part of a medical school curriculum. You must have a good grasp of physiology, pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology in order to study pharmacology. Even many disciplines that people have not traditionally associated with pharmacology are turning out to be essential for understanding pharmacology, such as anatomy and genetics. In fact, one of the hottest areas in pharmacology right now is pharmacogenomics, where a patient’s treatment is tailored based upon his or her unique genetic makeup.
This edition of High-Yield Pharmacology has been substantially updated and revised. Specifically, new sections on biologics have been added in the appropriate chapters, as well as several new figures and tables. In addition, the cardiovascular pharmacology chapter has been expanded and split in half, reflecting the rapid growth in the pharmacology of this area. Readers who desire a very brief review can read the bolded printed text, which highlights the most important concepts in each chapter. In addition, the index can be used to help you review the class of every drug in the book.
It is unfortunate that many medical students approach pharmacology as just a list of drug names and side effects that must be memorized for the United States Medical Licensing Examination. You may be using this book to review pharmacology for Step 1 of the USMLE, and I hope you will find it helpful as you prepare.

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