High Yield Embryology 4th Edition PDF |high yield embryology pdf

High Yield Embryology 4th Edition PDF

High Yield Embryology 4th Edition PDF


The fourth edition of High-Yield™ Embryology marks a milestone for this book. Over the years, my didactic and organizational efforts in the first three editions have been supplemented by the suggestions and comments from the many medical students who have used this book in preparation for the USMLE Step 1. As you may know, I include my e-mail address in the prefaces of all my books and ask for feedback from my readers. I pay close attention to these suggestions, and most have been included in this edition.
I have retained the clinical vignettes, which first appeared in the third edition. All these cases were written by Shawn McGill, a medical student at the Brody School of Medicine. He did a wonderful job with these, including quotations from the patients or the patients’ parents of the sort that you will often hear in the clinic.
In the fourth edition, clinical images are now shown next to their descriptions in an accessible new layout for more efficient study. This edition is thus beautifully concise and filled with highyield information. What more could one want?

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