Head Neck and Dental Anatomy 4th Edition PDF
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Head Neck and Dental Anatomy 4th Edition PDF

Head Neck and Dental Anatomy 4th Edition PDF

Head Neck and Dental Anatomy 4th Edition PDF


  1. Head Neck and Dental Anatomy 4th Edition PDF Free Download
  2. Head Neck and Dental Anatomy 4th Edition PDF
  3. Head Neck and Dental Anatomy 4th Edition Ebook


Ileac• Neck, and Dental Anatomy is organized in the most advantageous progression for learning all aspects of anatomy for dental assistants and hygienists. The text is divided into five distinct sections. Section I: Introduction to the Oral Cavity consists of four introductory chapters to teach students the foundations of anatomical terminology and the basics of dental structures. Chapter 1: Nomenclature covers the primary and permanent dentitions, their differences, arrangements, and functions. Chapter 2: Structures of the Oral Cavity discusses surrounding anatomy of the oral cavity beyond dentition, including the tongue and oral vestibule, among others, and their functions. Chapter 3: The Tooth and Its Surrounding Struc. tures is a detailed introduction to the surfaces, tissues, and other structures in the oral cavity. Last in Section I is Chapter 4: Tooth Identification Systems, describes various numbering systems used to chart teeth in offices and dental practice, today. Section II: Permanent Anterior Teeth provides a brief description of the anatomy and vocabulary used in the following chapters, including pulp canal, fossa, and root depressions or furrows. Chapter 5: Maxillary Incisors, Chapter 6: Mandibular Incisors, and Chapter 7; Canines arc all organized in the same layout for ease of understanding the topics. Each chapter begins with a description of the tooth, including all its surfaces – labial, lingual, proximal surfaces, and incisal view, as well as additional details where neces-sary, and worksheets for students to review the material. Section 111: Permanent Posterior Teeth begins with an introduction to the specific structures, anatomical vocabulary, and detailed descriptions followed by specific chapters about the teeth. Chapter 8: Maxillary Premolars, Chapter 9: Mandibular Premolars, Chapter 10: Maxillary First and Second Molars, and Chapter 11: Mandibular First and Second Molars are organized similarly and in the same order for easy understanding. Each chapter begins with the description of the specific tooth and includes details about the buc-cal, lingual, mesial, distal, and occlusal surfaces, and additional details where applicable. Chapter 12: Third Molars is the last chapter in Section III. All chapters include worksheets and multiple choice questions to assure student understanding. Section 1V: Related Topics includes important chapters to assist in under-standing development and occlusion of the permanent and primary dentitions…


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