Head and Neck Imaging 2 Volume Set 5th Edition PDF


Since the fourth edition of our book, technology has continued to advance, leading to better lesion conspicuity and diagnosis. In addition, new insights have been gained into embryology, physiology, and pathology that better allow us to understand the diseases we encounter. Taking all of this new information into account,
we have attempted to make this fifth edition as complete a reference on the topics of head and neck imaging as possible. The new edition is a thorough updating of the prior edition. It has been reorganized, new topics have been added, and the book is now in full color. Specifically, the embryology, physiology, and anatomy sections have been expanded. These are now
complemented by numerous color drawings to illustrate specific points. We are pleased to have been able to include drawings from Frank Netter, Sobotta’s Anatomy, Gray’s Anatomy, and pictures from other sources along with numerous original works. These beautiful drawings help clarify the anatomy and complement the rest of the text, and we thank Elsevier for
helping make their inclusion in the book possible. We also want to specifically thank the Netter family for helping us include Frank Netter’s beautiful drawings. The imaging atlases were also greatly expanded with
more detail and anatomic variants being addressed in each area. Some chapters were greatly expanded and updated. This can be seen in the treatment of PET/CT imaging. New chapters were also added, such as
Nonsurgical Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer and Imaging-Based Intervention: Biopsy and Treatment. However, due to concerns about the overall size of this edition, almost all plain radiographs have been removed.
Since these films are rarely used today in everyday practice, we thought the space would be better used to cover more fully the current topics of head and neck imaging. The fourth edition will remain available for those who
want analysis of plain radiographs of the paranasal sinuses, for example. As always, any multi-authored text is only as good as the contributions from the contributors, and we again thank all of them for the thorough treatments of their topics, especially in this current era of limited academic
time. We also want to thank the dedicated people at Elsevier who worked so hard with us to produce this edition. Our readers have said that they use our text in several distinct ways.


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