Get Through Primary FRCA SBAs PDF

Get Through Primary FRCA SBAs PDF

Get Through Primary FRCA SBAs PDF


Get Through Primary FRCA SBAs PDF


  1. Get Through Primary FRCA SBAs Book
  2. Get Through Primary FRCA SBAs Book
  3. Get Through Primary FRCA SBAs Ebook


A broad knowledge base is a prerequisite to function as a competent anaesthetist,
and the FRCA primary syllabus reflects this requirement. Indeed, the extensive
breadth and depth of knowledge expected are daunting and at times may appear
insurmountable. Furthermore, there has been a trend in recent years to sit and pass
the examination as early as possible, so as to facilitate successful competition for
training numbers. Such a trend limits candidates’ ability to add to their knowledge
by experience, and more and more emphasis is placed on book work.
It cannot be overemphasised that preparation is key to passing this exam. We
would advocate that the candidate plan well ahead and read voraciously. Though
detailed knowledge is desirable, a broad understanding on extensive topics is likely
to help the candidate in the first instance. We feel that layering of information
is without doubt the best approach; the basic foundation of concepts should be
sound before the addition of details. For example, it is better to know how the
oil–gas partition value of a particular anaesthetic agent relates to potency, rather
than to know the actual value without appreciation of the significance. Once the
foundations are solid, candidates will find it easy to pin additional information,
which thus allows them to tackle seemingly impossible questions and also to
impress examiners in the oral component of the exam. Bear in mind that this
process takes time, and do not be discouraged in the early part of your endeavour.
You are not alone.

A shrewd mid-sixteenth-century European proverb states, ‘Use makes perfect,’
and as such practice papers should be incorporated into the preparation for the
written component of the Primary FRCA examination. Practice papers allow
candidates to not only test their knowledge but also become familiar with the
format and time limits. The Single Best Answer (SBA) has only recently been
introduced into the Primary FRCA examinations. The SBAs comprise one third
of the marks available in the written paper, and hence there is scope to lose a
substantial number of points should the candidate be ill prepared. Our personal
observations indicate that candidates struggle with the SBA format, and many
have failed the written component of the Primary FRCA examination as a
consequence. To compound this, there are few sources in print that aid candidates
to appreciate the complexity of such questions…


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