Gastroenterology & Hepatology PDF

Book Description

Since its initial publication in 2001 Medical Masterclass has been regarded
as a key learning and teaching resource for physicians around the world.
The resource was produced in part to meet the vision of the Royal College of
Physicians: ‘Doctors of the highest quality serving patients well’. This vision
continues and along with advances in clinical practice and changes in
the format of the MRCP(UK) exam has justified the publication of this
second edition.
The MRCP(UK) is an international examination that seeks to advance the
learning of and enhance the training process for physicians worldwide. On
passing the exam physicians are recognised as having attained the required
knowledge skills and manner appropriate for training at a specialist level.
However passing the exam is a challenge. The pass rate at each sitting of
the written papers is about 40%. Even the most prominent consultants
have had to sit each part of the exam more than once in order to pass.
With this challenge in mind the College has produced Medical Masterclass
a comprehensive learning resource to help candidates with the preparation
that is key to making the grade.

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