frcs (general surgery) a road to success pdf

FRCS (General Surgery) The Road to Success PDF

FRCS (General Surgery) The Road to Success PDF


This book covers the important topics set out by the Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinadons and joint Surgical Colleges Fellowship Examinations Board of United Kingdom and Ireland.The manual is structured in the form of’quesdons and answers’, similar to how it will be tested in the exam.The text is complemented by liberal use of clinical images, radiographs. illustrations and flow charts that will enable you to consolidate existing knowledge on common topics and easily comprehend unfamiliar clinical conditions. How to benefit the most from this book? Each chapter commences with a short synopsis followed by a list of diagnoses.This is followed by a number of clinical scenarios. Following this, the answers are structured in the form of ‘Diagnosis matched with clinical features and images’.After the answer to each question is provided [i.e., the diagnosis that matches the clinical scenario], a clinical or radiological image is usually shown.This is followed by a set of questions and detailed answers [explanations].
The questions and answers will flow In the format of a viva-voce. If you consider this layout from an exam perspective, you will appreciate that the viva usually starts with a clinical scenario where you would be expected to make a correct diagnosis, followed by management of the patient.The management section will comprise of questions related to clinical presentation, diagnostic criteria. pathophysiology of the condition, guidelines to follow, appropriate investigations and treatment options including surgery.The book will thus enable to approach each topic in the format you will be tested in the exam.The detailed chapter on applied physiology and critical care [and another on management of pain] will provide you with a sound understanding of the fundamental principles in managing a critically ill surgical patient. We trust and hope that you will find this book beneficial towards your exam preparation.

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