Fractures Of The Facial Skeleton 2nd Edition PDF


it is now more than a decade since the first edition of this book was published and its popularity has justified several reprints. The original concept was to have a small book that was not simply an exam orientated text for postgraduate students in maxillofacial surgery. That concept bears repetition: to summarize what is accepted and well known while providing detailed debate in areas where controversy remains. The then authors hoped it would appeal to all surgical specialties involved in facial trauma to further accurate diagnosis and an understanding of the principles of management. This new edition has expanded the section on general trauma management and the place of maxillofacial injuries within that spectrum. To that end there is now a third author with wide experience in this field. The development and improvement in maxillofacial trauma management in recent years is hugely related to advances in imaging. Surgical techniques, however, have not undergone equivalent dramatic change and in some cases promising ideas and materials have not proved as useful as expected.

On the credit side, however, the overall functional and cosmetic outcome for injuries that involve the dentition has advanced as a result of implant technology. This edition still contains brief descriptions of a few techniques that may only be regularly employed in those parts of the world where easy access to plating equipment continues to be limited. Nevertheless, there are some methods previously in common use which are now clearly obsolete; any mention of them in this revised text is solely to show their limitations or where an historical comparison appeared useful. Although this book is first and foremost about the management of fractures of the facial skeleton and the dentition, the subject is impossible to divorce from associated soft tissue injury and these sections have been expanded without attempting to be comprehensive.

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