Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Ophthalmology PDF Free Download


ye is the window of the world. It is the most important sensory organ. As our longevity has increased, we have to take care of our eyes till our death to make our lives worth living. Hence, ophthalmology is one of the most important specialties about which, every MBBS doctor should have adequate knowledge. Numerous textbooks have come out but the students find it difficult to answer the questions relevant to the theory, clinical and oral examinations. This manual is aimed to help the student in facing the examinations with confidence. Each and every effort has been made to include the answers what the examiners expect. This book is mainly for undergraduates, it will also be useful for the postgraduates and residents in ophthalmology in order to learn the basic aspects of the subject. Recent concepts have been included in all chapters. Studying this book three months before the examinations will amount to a comprehensive study of different textbooks.

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