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Following in the theme of the bestselling The Travel Book comes The Europe Book, a focused celebration of the world’s most culturally influential continent. It explores Europe in detail, and includes an evocative and in-depth look at each country. Full of arresting images and maps, this comprehensive coffee table book can also considered as an indispensable reference title.

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This article is about the guidebook publisher. For the theatrical work, see Lonely Planet (play). For the song, see Lonely Planet (song).

Lonely Planet was founded by married couple Maureen and Tony Wheeler. In 1972, they embarked on an overland trip through Europe and Asia to Australia, following the route of the Oxford and Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition.[5][6]

The company name originates from the misheard “lovely planet” in a song written by Matthew Moore.[7] Lonely Planet’s first book, Across Asia on the Cheap,[8] had 94 pages, was written by the couple in their home.[9] The original print run consisted of stapled booklets.[10]

Tony returned to Asia to write Across Asia on the Cheap: A Complete Guide to Making the Overland Trip, published in 1975.[11]

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