Duke’s Anesthesia Secrets 5th Edition PDF

Duke’s Anesthesia Secrets 5th Edition PDF

Duke’s Anesthesia Secrets 5th Edition PDF

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  2. Duke’s Anesthesia Secrets 5th Edition PDF
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In this fifth edition of Anesthesia Secrets, the goal continues to be concise presentation of a wide range of topics important to anyone interested in anesthesiology. My goal has always been not to merely offer a few words suitable for the sake of familiarity, but to provide appropriate depth to allow readers to integrate the concerns of this field into their wider knowledge of medicine in general. It is my hope for medical students that both rotating through the anesthesia clinical services elective and reviewing Anesthesia Secrets contributes to their decision to enter this esteemed profession.
I am humbled by the reception Anesthesia Secrets has received since the first edition was published in 1996. I take it as an affirmation that my contributors and I have a good idea of the important concepts in the field, as much as they can be described in a text of this size. I thank my contributors for this edition and all previous editions. Over the years my contributors have gone on to successful careers across the country, yet their imprint remains throughout. Although they may no longer be listed as authors, they nonetheless have my thanks. And to you, the reader, thank you for making Anesthesia Secrets a part of your educational program…

ITE, BASIC, and ABA, oh my! In a time of an increasing number of competency exams, Duke’s Anesthesia Secrets, 5th Edition, is a welcome addition to the budding anesthesia provider’s library. Duke’s final collaborative work before his unfortunate passing accomplishes the goal that he set at the start of the series, namely, “to be a concise presentation of a wide range of topics important to anyone interested in anesthesiology.” The organization, content, and even the pocket size of the book make it a great companion for the medical student, anesthesia resident, or student nurse anesthetist.

The book is designed for facile review of commonly tested topics in clinical anesthesiology. The Socratic format sets it apart from similar review books. It opens with the “Top 100 Secrets,” a compilation of high-yield board topics. Ten sections that are further divided into short, succinct chapters follow. Each chapter is written in question-and-answer format, beginning with basic inquiries and evolving into more specific questions about favorite board topics. The book maintains its black, white, and blue color scheme replete with helpful visual aids, although there are a few mistakes in the tables involving misalignment issues between the text and the headings. There are also a few instances of duplicate text. Despite a few hiccups in editing, the figures and tables are still helpful aids. The chapters are broken up with periodic “Key Points” that serve as intellectual timeouts to punctuate important information. The table of contents is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

There is a significant contribution from Colorado faculty, and Duke maintains a strong presence in the text. The breadth of content covers all the necessary basics of general anesthesiology, whereas the subspecialties are each reviewed in 1 to 2 short chapters under the section, “Special Anesthetic Considerations.” The book focuses more on keywords and less on the logistics of clinical application of the material. Unlike some practice manuals, Secrets does not provide drug doses or specifics on tube size and selection, but instead, it provides succinct explanations of critical clinical concepts. The review points of each chapter are based on their relevance to exam content, and, as a result, some things are not covered. The pediatric anesthesia chapters review common surgeries and age-related physiology basics, but they do not review many congenital syndromes with anesthetic concerns. The text also does not cover nonclinical topics such as biostatistics and ethics. With that said, the content is well selected for the examinee.

Duke’s Anesthesia Secrets, 5th Edition, is an ideal review text designed for the novice anesthesia provider. Although it lacks the depth of an anesthesia textbook, it nicely covers a wide range of topics at a level that is ideal for the medical student, student nurse anesthetist, or anesthesia resident. The format, content, and even the portable size of the book are perfectly tailored for the anesthesia learner.

Jennifer C. Lau, MD
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California
[email protected]

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